Town Mayor

Banbury Town Mayor Cllr Shaida Hussain 

The Town Mayor is Banbury’s first citizen and is elected by the 22 Banbury Town Councillors.

The mayor’s term of office starts in May and lasts for one year. 

During that time it is not unusual for him/her to be invited to around 400 events in the area, and he/she is also called on to help organise the town’s traditional annual events – more  information in the events’ section.

The mayor has a unique, distinctive and increasingly important role to play in fostering socially inclusive and responsible communities.

He/she is in the perfect position to communicate with people from all backgrounds. By acting as a figurehead he can enthuse and motivate people.

Being non-political, the mayor is also in a position to influence policy and decision-making for a wide spectrum of institutions. 

Banbury Town Council therefore welcomes invitations for the mayor to attend local meetings and events to enable him to become more aware of what Banbury has to offer.

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