Community Projects

There have been a number of projects undertaken some of which are ongoing with others in the pipeline dependent upon the number of volunteers that come forward.

These schemes include a variety of work for those involved some of which have been developed by the Council and others by partners with whom the Council has cooperated:-

  • Litter picking by Scouts around Grimsbury area
  • Tree planting by Dashwood School in Spiceball Park
  • Clearance of pathways & hedge cutting around People’s Park by staff from Queensway Coop
  • Tree planting by Child First Day Nursery in Easington Recreation Ground
  • Grimsbury Association construction of raised planters and planting them with seasonal flowers and bulbs in Moorfields Park
  • Clearance of willow and other aggressive vegetation on Hanwell Brook wetland area involving local residents and a USAF team from RAF Croughton,
  • Bulb planting by volunteers at Browning Road Park with the construction and planting of new planters on the site
  • Similarly at the Community Centre on the new cattle market development the development and planting of new planters between the building and car park.

Community Pay Back

fence painting

The pay back team have been working with Banbury Town Council over the last year but due to changes in the management of the teams this will cease from May 2013.

There has been a team within the Southam Road Cemetery clearing debris from unattended graves in the General and Victorian Sections. This has been an ongoing project,which has received great support from visitors to the cemetery commenting on how the older section is now well maintained.

The team has also carried out other projects within both Cemeteries such as painting fences, re-levelling ground, leaf and snow clearing.

leaf clearing