Banbury Canal Day Traders

Trading, promoting and fundraising can be found through the event.  Ensure you leave enough time to stop off at the many trading stands, a wide variety of gifts await you

Canalside Stall Area
Canalside Gazebo Area
Spiceball Park

The unique ARTS & CRAFT MARKET can be found canalside to the rear of the Mill Arts Centre.  Visit and discover the techniques used to create each unique piece and marvel at their dedication, patience and skill.  Many artists will be working on pieces of art throughout the day.

Organised by Boffy Arts Markets


A whole array of food and drink can be found at Banbury Canal Day.  Our independent traders can be found in Compton Road Food Court along with a huge variety of hot and cold food and drink.

Additional vendors can be found in the main market stall area & Spiceball Park.

Keep yourself topped up as you walk around the event areas!