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School events fall under Banbury in Bloom throughout the year -

  • Sunflower Planting (May)

  • Planting of the People’s Park (June)

  • Hanging Basket Workshops (September)


Sunflower Workshops

children learning about sunflowers

The Sunflower Workshops take place the last week of April and the first week of May every year. Banbury Town Council Park Rangers visit the children in their schools and nurseries. The children are given the opportunity to plant a sunflower seed and learn how to care and monitor it as it grows.

This is a very popular event and there are approximately 400 sunflower seeds planted each year.

This event shows fantastic communication between the Town Council and local schools and nurseries.

We have over 20 schools/nurseries participating over the two week period and will successfully take home a potted sunflower to grow for the summer. Each child will be given a Sunflower Leaflet to help grow and keep a record of it's height.

Challenge entries must be in by 16th August 2019 and entrants must be 16 or under and attend a Banbury school or nursery. The council’s park rangers will judge the entries and the tallest three will receive WH Smith vouchers.

Sunflower Entry Form

children learning about sunflowers

Hanging Basket Workshop

Winter Hanging Basket Workshops are undertaken over a 2 week period during September. The workshops are run by the park ranger service.

These workshops are attended by all primary schools, with an average of 130 made in total. The baskets are then distributed to all recipients in readiness to display over the winter season.

Areas that benefit these baskets are all participating schools, police, fire and ambulance stations, magistrates court and churches.

A great deal is learnt during these workshops on a horticultural basis. Children then continue to monitor them whilst they hang around their school and this provides a talking point during class and playtime.

Banbury are extremely proud that children of such a tender age play a vital role in these focal baskets around the town.

children planting flowers

children at tables planting

planting plants

Planting Day in the Park 2018

Space was the theme for this year’s Planting Day in People’s Park.

The annual inter-school Planting in the Park competition, organised by Banbury Town Council, saw almost 350 pupils from 14 schools transform empty flower beds into gardens that brought their designs of space to life. We were astounded by the centre pieces that appeared, from Tim Peak to planets and even aliens queuing to get into their spaceship. Creative and imaginative was the order of the day.

Pupils armed with trowels, spades and dibbers, used nearly 5000 plants as they turned the flower beds into colourful displays.
The event is part of Banbury in Bloom and encourages young people to develop an interest in nature and horticulture.

Cllr Colin Clarke, one of the two judges, said: “This is an extremely worthwhile event and the number of pupils taking part shows how well-loved it is. Everyone has had a great day and learned a little bit about nature. The theme ‘space’ has proved very popular.”

Fellow judge Cllr Nick Harrison said: “I must congratulate the schools on their imagination and their energy. Choosing a winner was very difficult. The flower beds and centre pieces are of an extremely high standard.”

Puritans Radio kept the kids entertained and dancing amongst the flowers with some appropriate music.


1st Queensway

Winning Floral Bed

2nd Frank Wise 


3rd William Morris


1st Frank Wise 

Winning Centrepiece

2nd Hillview 


3rd Queensway 

Other Workshops

Plant Giveaway

Twice a year, Banbury Town Council hold a plant giveaway in the Community Garden to recycle the spring and summer bedding plants from the colourful displays in People's Park. The Park Rangers are on hand to offer advice and help distribute a large selection of flowers.

The next giveaway will be advertised on the website, so bring a bag to fill with plants and remember to get there early to get the best selection.