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Our main school event is Planting Day in the Park - where all the schools come together in People's Park and plant the Rose Garden.


  • Planting of the People’s Park (June)


Planting Day in the Park

The annual inter-school Planting in the Park competition, organised by Banbury Town Council, will see almost 350 pupils from 14 schools transform empty flower beds into gardens that bring their designs to life. .

Pupils armed with trowels and spades, use nearly 5000 plants as they turn the flower beds into colourful displays.

The event is part of Banbury in Bloom and encourages young people to develop an interest in nature and horticulture.

2023 Coronation of King Charles III



 Gold – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


 Bronze – St Mary’s C of E Primary School

Winning Floral Bed 


 Silver Gilt – St Leonard’s C of E Primary School


 Highly Commended – Dashwood Banbury Academy


Silver – Hill View Primary School




 Gold – St Mary’s C of E Primary School


 Bronze – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School


Winning Centrepiece 


 Silver Gilt – Hill View Primary School


 Highly Commended – St John’s Priory



 Silver – Dashwood Banbury Academy




2022 The Queen's Jubilee


Gold - Hillview Primary


Bronze - St Leonard's CE Primary 

Winning Floral Bed

Silver-Gilt - Queensway Primary 


Highly Commended - St Mary's CE Primary 


Silver - St Joseph's Catholic Primary


Gold - Dashwood Banbury Academy 


Bronze - St John's Roman Catholic School 

Winning Centrepiece

Silver-Gilt - St Mary's CE Primary 


Highly Commended - Queensway Primary  


Silver - Hillview Primary 

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