St Mary's Churchyard

st Mary's

This site although still owned by the Church is maintained by the Town Council. This area is no longer available for burials and is designated as a closed churchyard and therefore the responsibility for the maintenance of the area transfers from the Church to the Town Council.

The maintenance of the site is governed by the nature of the work; memorial stability, grass cutting, litter picking, shrub beds and winter maintenance is undertaken with no recourse to the Church. Should the Council wish to re-develop/ or change an area then permission would be required through the Oxford Diocese office.

This site is included within the local conservation area and the trees are all covered by a tree preservation order. As a consequence the Town Council must also apply to Cherwell District Council:-

  • for permission to undertake any tree work
  • to make any significant changes to the landscape of the site
It is the Town Council who is responsible for snow clearance and/or gritting of the paths around the churchyard in winter.