Grit Bins

The Council is responsible for the maintenance of Grit Bins around the town that had previously been maintained by Oxfordshire County Council. These bins are not to be confused with grit bins managed by Sanctuary Housing Association please see the lists below -

Town Council Grit Bins
Sanctuary Housing/Private Grit Bins
The bins are initially filled annually by Oxfordshire County Council and thereafter by the Town Council until the end of winter.

If a grit bin is empty and needs refilling, or you wish to request a grit bin in your area, please call us on 01295 250340 or email


The Town Council receives various requests for locating new bins around the town and each request is assessed and then approved/rejected by the Council. The approved locations are passed to Oxfordshire County Council Highways Department for their final approval prior to being installed on the highway.
Please be aware that the grit held in these grit bins is for the use on the highway in the designated location.

Oxfordshire County Council are responsible for the Highways
(0845 310 11 11)
The network that the council salts covers 1,200 miles of Oxfordshire’s roads including all A roads and B roads and some of the bus routes on minor roads.

The Highways Agency is responsible for treating the M40 and A roads.