Winter Maintenance

The Town Council is responsible for the clearance of snow on its own managed sites and the gritting of them. The areas that the Council will clear are:

  • the main paths and roadways within Southam Road and Hardwick Hill cemeteries
  • through People's Park
  • through St Mary's Churchyard

In addition to this the Council is also clearing and gritting additional paths around the main enterances to:

  • The Town Hall
  • Church Walk
  • Church Lane
  • Pepper Alley
  • Cornhill (WRVS)
  • Butchers Row

The Council is also responsible for the maintenance of grit bins around the town of Banbury that had previously been maintained by Oxfordshire County Council. Click here to view your nearest grit bin.

Snow Wardens

As part of the winter maintenance programme the Town Council is setting up this scheme in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council for local residents to put their names forward and volunteer to become a Snow Warden.

The Council has obtained a grant to fund this scheme and the snow wardens will be given equipment, materials and training to ensure their safety whilst either clearing snow or gritting the footpaths. Similar schemes are being successfully run in many towns across the country and the Council is looking for people to be responsible for gritting their own roads or streets.

Cllr Kieron Mallon, leader of Banbury Town Council, said: "This is not instead of our current winter service but in addition to, and it will make a massive difference to local roads and footpaths that are not on the normal gritting routes.We will also work with local businesses who might want to do their bit for the local community or clear snow from around their workplace. The launch of the Neighbourhood Snow Warden scheme is yet another example of councils working together and with the community for the common good. It will particularly benefit vulnerable residents who cannot help themselves".

"It is impossible for any council to grit every road and pavement within a few hours of snow falling. Councils have to give priority to motorways and main roads and this means that minor roads and residential areas can wait days before they see a grit lorry and some roads never get cleared. Councils just do not have the number of staff or the equipment to do it. All we need are responsible people who will clear their own areas or organise a group of people to do the job. We will give them everything they need including training."

Snow wardens need a mobile phone or access to the internet as they will be part of the flow of weather information and decision-making on gritting during periods of extreme weather. Volunteers will be delivered a supply of grit and issued with shovels, high visibility jackets and gloves.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the council on 01295 250340 or email