Warm Spaces Grants

Warm Welcome grants are available to local organisations and businesses that are looking to provide safe, warm spaces for members of the community this winter. 

Warm spaces include: Coffee mornings, Community Groups, Support Groups or just a heated space to seek shelter from the cold.


Please download the form below and return it to mark.hassall@banbury.gov.uk to register your interest in a grant.
Click below to download the grant application form:




Grant Applications

The Town Council recognises the wide diversity of voluntary bodies operating in the Town and the effort which is harnessed for the benefit of the local community. In its desire to improve the quality of life for people in Banbury, the Council works closely with the voluntary sector and provides small grants to boost the funding of a number of good causes. 

The Town Council recognises that local groups, clubs and societies may benefit from smaller grants of up to £500 which are available throughout the year.

Most voluntary groups are eligible to apply providing their activities are focussed on Banbury residents.   


Click below to download the grant application form

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Word format