General Services

28 Jan 20


Banbury Town Hall


24 Mar 20


The General Services Committee is responsible for:

Parks, Open Spaces and Play Areas – the maintenance and management of over 400 Hectares of Open Space and the provision of play equipment including:
5 Principal Parks including Spiceball Country Park and People’s Park
12 Neighbourhood Parks
52 Play and Teenage Areas
90 Open Spaces
Allotments – the provision of 6 sites, 4 managed by Allotment Associations and 2 managed directly by the Town Council
Cemeteries - at Southam Road and Hardwick Hill
Sports Pitches
6 full sized football pitches,
2 mini pitches
1 cricket square
Banbury Town Council Events
Banbury Show
Banbury Food Fair and Produce Show
Christmas Lights “Switch On” Event
Sites for fairs/circuses
Provision of Litter Bins – and Dog Litter Bins