Play Area Refurbishments

2020 - Ferriston Play Area Photo of new play area at Ferriston

A £46,000 makeover at Ferriston play area won the approval of local residents.

The work, carried out in December, turned an out-dated playground into a bright, modern, user-friendly facility.

The four-week refurbishment included the installation of new play equipment, laying a safer soft surface and creating an additional entrance.

There is a built-in floor trampoline (the first in Banbury), a multi-play unit, swings and play equipment designed for under-eights.

The amenity is now disabled-friendly and much more inviting.

2020 - Howard Road Play Area

Pupils at St Leonard’s Primary School gave the thumbs up to their new neighbourhood play area.

Work costing more than £130,000 turned an existing but out-dated playground in Howard Road into a state-of-the-art facility that won the approval of the young thrill-seekers.

A six-month refurbishment included new play equipment, a safe soft surface and improved fencing. The amenity is now disabled-friendly and work has been done to reduce the risk of flooding.


easington rec

2017 Easington Rec

Children in Easington are enjoying brand new play equipment after a £350,000 summer makeover at their local park.

The new play area with the addition of a multi-purpose ball court – the Rec is now one of the most up-to-date parks in the town.

Pupils from the nearby Harriers Academy were the first to explore the new playground and they gave the new equipment the thumbs-up.

Leader of Banbury Town Council Kieron Mallon said “It is great for the people of Easington that the rec has undergone such a splendid transformation and I hope that everyone gets tremendous pleasure from the new facilities”.

New pathway in play area

 2013 - Moorfields Park Play Area

The area has been resurfaced and new play equipment has been installed.

The facelift followed a public consultation on improvements – and residents’ views were taken into account in the final design.

Moorfields, in Grimsbury, is the latest park to have received a makeover by Banbury Town Council, and Cllr Colin Clarke, chairman of the council’s general services committee, said: “I’m sure the finished area will meet everyone’s approval and will be well used.

“The council seeks to keep play areas up-to-date and fit for purpose and this means making sure that playground equipment is modern and safe and meets the expectations of today’s young people.”


He added: “A great deal of thought went into the planning of Moorfields’ play area and local people were listened to.”

New equipment in play area

2012 - Browning Road Play Area

Banbury’s Browning Road Park has been re-opened after a £120,000 refurbishment.

New play equipment was installed to meet current health and safety standards. Landscaping and improved drainage work was also carried out after a consultation involving local residents.

The new Browning Road play area was designed by pupils from the nearby Queensway Primary School, and some of the children who took part in the project were at the re-opening of the site to try out the new equipment. The overwhelming response was: “It’s great. We like it.”

Browning Road Park is now a first class facility that will serve the area well and demonstrates that Banbury Town Council is dedicated to providing the best services for residents.

browning park

browning park

browning park

2011 - Trinity Park

Trinity Play Area was officially opened in August by Cllr Colin Clarke, chairman of Banbury Town Council’s general services committee.

The new play area replaced an existing but worn-out facility. Funded by the town council and installed by Wicksteed Playscapes, Trinity is just one of a succession of play area refurbishments undertaken by the council on an annual basis.

trinity park openening

trinity park