Hardwick Hill Cemetery

Hardwick Hill cemetery (Southam Road OX16 1ST) opened in 1994 and covers 6 acres of land with space for approximately 5,000 graves.

 The area has 10 lawn sections, a general section (kerbsets), cremated remains area, children’s area and a Muslim burial area. It is a modern and attractive open plan cemetery benefiting from a wide range of planting and trees throughout the sections.

The cremated remains section has an enclosed hedgerow to seclude the area, trellis fencing with climbing roses and a memorial bench.

There are two car parks within the cemetery and a memorial garden tucked away at the back of the cemetery. 

Banbury Crematorium is also based within Hardwick Hill cemetery, but this is owned and managed by the London Cremation Company - 01295 226500. 



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