Tree Planting

Various schemes have taken place around the town with new trees having been planted at:-

  • Browning Road Park by children from Queensway School
  • Easington Recreation Ground by children Child First Day Nursery
  • Spiceball Park by children from Dashwood School
In addition to these projects the Council is fortunate to have been awarded a grant from Banbury Charities, which has enabled the replanting of the Cherry Tree avenue down the central path in People’s Park at a cost of £15,000 approximately.

The refurbishment of the Grimsbury planters has been completed with the lead being taken by Cherwell District Council who organised the design and planting with the funding for the work being equally split between Cherwell District Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Banbury Town Council. These sites have now transferred to the Town Council who will be responsible for their ongoing maintenance.

tree planting

Tree Management

tree in peoples park

The maintenance of trees on the Council land is not included in the general grounds maintenance contract; they are dealt with in order of priority with assessments made of the concerns raised and the potential risk that has been reported to us.

To help us identify the potential risk posed by trees on land that the Council owns and maintains, we implemented a full survey of them in 2011.

We have identified that we have responsibility of approximately of 11,000 trees around the town. The survey was the start of an on-going programmed annual survey where approximately 30% of trees initially are re-inspected annually.

In addition to the survey work and dealing with the findings associated with that, the Council has
started to deal with tree belts that have been inherited. A programme of work is being drawn up to reduce the density of these planting schemes, which started with the areas adopted behind Waller Drive. Further sites to be addressed include Ermont Way and Daventry Road.