Fitness Areas

Want to keep fit and healthy?

Banbury Town Council have fitness areas within some of our parks. Browning Road Park, People's Park, Spiceball Park, Moorfields Park and Trinity Park.

This equipment is very popular and can be used by anyone visiting the parks: 

Browning Road Park, the fitness equipment is adjacent to the playarea.

  • Health walker
  • Mini Ski
  • Ski Stepper
  • Pull Down Bars
People's Park, the fitness area is located near the Tennis Courts.
  • Mini Ski
  • Walker
  • Pull Down
  • Rower
  • Ski Step
Spiceball Park, the fitness area is located along the Trim Trail in the second field.
  • Mini Ski
  • Sit Up Bench
  • Parallel Bars
  • Rower
Trinity Park, there are three pieces of fitness equipment adjacent to the playarea.
  • Surfer 
  • Skier 
  • Body Twister
Moorfields Park, the fitness area is located along the pathway
  • Sit Up Benches
  • Leg Slalom
  • Pull Down
  • Hip Spin
  • Leg Spin

fitness areafitness area