Spiceball Country Park




Spiceball Country Park is a fantastic green space close to the centre of Banbury – and at 26 acres is the largest park in the town. It is a place for action and adventure – and for play and relaxation, where people of all ages can enjoy the magnificent facilities and natural landscapes.


It is a country park in the true sense of the title and a unique combination of ‘cared-for’ and ‘wild’ areas. The Oxford Canal runs along the park’s western edge and the River Cherwell divides the park into the two sections. Wooden bridges link the two sections of the park. Pathways and a cycle track make access easy and there are two car parks available for park users.


The history of the park is interesting. It dates back to the 1880s when High Street butcher Thomas Hankinson, who was town mayor in 1894, donated a plot of land so that the ‘poor people of Banbury’ could have a recreation area. Hankinson was renowned for his hand-made meatballs, known throughout town as ‘spiceballs.’ His land gift – the original Spiceball Park – was off Bridge Street and is now known as Bridge Street Park.


Spiceball Park main entrance is located off Cherwell Drive with other entrances from Oxford Canal Walk and Grimsbury Green. 


The address for the park is –
Spiceball Country Park, Cherwell Drive, Banbury, OX16 2RR


We offer free parking to park users the address is –
Waterworks Car Park, Grimsbury Green, OX16 3JJ (Opposite Banbury Cross Sailing Club)


Other paid parking is available –
Riverside Car Park, Cherwell Dr, Banbury OX16 2AY
Compton Road Car Park, Compton Road, Banbury OX16 2PR


A well-furbished children’s play area and skate ramps are popular facilities. Bench seats are provided beside the circular footpaths.
The main area of the park is mostly laid to grassland ideal for play (ball games, kite flying etc) plus a picnic area with free-to-use, do-it-yourself barbecue equipment. 

The park also hosts a suit of fitness equipment and the circular routes are ideal for walkers and runners alike, making the park a hotspot for fitness enthusiasts.



Across the river is the wild section of the park with trees, hedgerows and plants, Community woodland and several areas of native trees and shrubs can all be found. Well-used nature trails and woodland walks are outstanding features. This haven for wildlife is managed in conjunction with Wild Banbury.


The on-going partnership with Wild Banbury began in 2015 and has seen parts of the park develop into a valued educational and leisure wilderness for local residents.


The project ensures that Spiceball Park is a patchwork of habitats and wildlife-spotting opportunities in the heart of Banbury.
The river and the woodlands are havens for wildlife with kingfishers along the river, and birds such as sparrowhawks and bullfinches in the wooded areas. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators will be found, and mammals such as weasels will be hunting in the long grass.


More about Wild Banbury can be found here