Wheeled Sports Areas


Spiceball Park

Spiceball is one of the town's largest parks and accommodates two of the town's three facilities for wheeled-sports. The ramps, made of metal and wood, are very popular and cater for a varied age range.

The ramps have undergone a refurbishment, with the metal sections receiving a coat of grip paint. An additional grind box and a hip section have been added.

The wooden ramps were installed in 2004 and have been an overwhelming success with all formats of wheeled sports. These ramps have been given a complete surface refurbishment and re-painting in 2012.

Unfortunately the wooden ramps are not suitable for scooters and these have been banned from this site.

Princess Diana Park Skate Ramps

New concrete ramps were installed at the beginning of 2010. They have proved to be very popular and were the first of their kind in the town.

This fantastic facility accommodates users of all abilities and ages and will serve the community and town for years to come.


spicebal park ramp

skate park ramp with kids in rollerblades

princess diana park